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Workshops & Presentations

“Object-Relations and Resiliency: Understanding the Role of Internalized Objects in the Development of Illness and Resilience,” Haight Ashbury Psychological Services, San Francisco, CA. February 2012.

“The Protector-Persecutor: A Depth Psychology Approach to Working with Complex Trauma,”

PSC, San Francisco, CA. January and February 2012.

“The Healing Relationship: Countertransference Issues in Working with Trauma Survivors,”

PSC, San Francisco, CA. December 2011.

“Big T and Small t: Distinguishing PTSD from Complex Trauma,”

PSC, San Francisco, CA. November 2011.

“The Analyst’s Acts of Freedom: Symington's View on the Relational Dynamics in the Therapy Room,”

PSC, San Francisco, CA. October 2011.


“The First Session: Ogden on the Significance of the Initial Analytic Encounter,”

PSC, San Francisco, CA. September 2011.


“Becoming Your Own Good Enough Mother: A New Treatment Intervention to Foster Resiliency in Adults,”

PSC, San Francisco, CA. February 2011.

“Object Relations and Resiliency: The Missing Link,”

Individual, Community and National Resilience and their inter-relations (ICNR) Conference. The Multidisciplinary Resiliency Research Center, Tel-Hai College and The Community Stress Prevention Center, Israel. January 2013.


“Magnificent Uncertainty: Exploring the Natural through Existential and Buddhist Psychologies,”

American Psychological Association Annual Conference, Boston, MA. August 2008.


“Echology: How Interdependence Echoes in Existentialism and Ecopsychology,”

In Ecology, Environment, and Society: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives.

California Sociological Association Annual Conference, Berkeley, CA. November 2007.

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