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My Psychological Approach 

Psychotherapy is an individual journey that takes on a new form with each and every person.  Long and short-term psychotherapy can be very helpful for people who seek tools to increase their resiliency in daily life, overcome obstacles and grow out of places of hurt and hardship.  There can be great value in brief interventions for those who wish to "get back on track" and deal with more specific issues.  For those who are curious about the dynamics of their inner world, the nature of their relationships, dreams and life story - more in depth psychotherapy can be the best choice. 

I practice psychotherapy because I see it working every day. Although this work often involves moments of ambiguity and not-knowing, I am continuously at awe witnessing the depth and growth people reach in their therapeutic work. I believe that adversity and difficult experiences, even crisis, can be an opportunity to heal and evolve - a call to come to life in a fuller way. 

The inner world as illustrated by Charlotte Solomon: loneliness and longing, born in fantasy and trickles into the heart

Painting by Charlotte Salomon

        Using Psychiatric Medicine  and/or Homeopathy:

When suffering is acute, psychiatric medications and/or homeopathic remedies can be very helpful.

As a clinical psychologist I often collaborate with other health practitioners and can offer referrals for trustworthy psychiatrists and alternative medicine professionals. When medicinal help is necessary and desired, we work in collaboration to provide a wholesome and effective treatment that places the individual at its center. 

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